Are you an Actor or yourself in your leadership?

Are you an Actor or yourself in your leadership?

Do we complicate things too much sometimes?
Do we complicate too much how a leader should act and behave? Maybe we sometimes say that leadership is complicated and hard? But what do we really mean by that to ourself and others?

Is it a role that can be acted?
Maybe we believe that to be a leader is to act in a role? Well, isn´t that a profession in itself? It is called acting and performed by actors.
Maybe we have too many leaders acting as an actor? That may be easier because you take some kind of a privilegie to set yourself outside of the role. You think that it is a profession and you don´t have to participate? Is that even possible?

Maybe we sometimes
– Feels somewhat unsecure how to do and behave as a leader?
– Believe that it is a role to play to be a good leader?
– Puts on an armor not to be reached?
– Has the attitude that feelings belongs at home not at work?
– Believe that leadership is just for the ones that has a formal role as a leader?
– That it is the leaders in the leading management groups that should lead the others?
– Believe that a leadership course is all that is needed?
– Believe that if I will help others to change everything will work out well.
– But I don´t need to change myself?
– Believe that to change is more or less easy?

Usually and always
If we simply the way we look upon issues, things and situations , it will work out well and what needs to be done becomes more clear.
When we realize that leadership is in ourselves. The way we feel and are comfortable how we lead ourselves in our own life. When we feel good about it, others seem to like the way we behave too.

It gets even easier to develop my own leadership when we ask for help. People wants to help you!

Why not reflect upon
What do you do when ”you are yourself”? And you get the feedback that others sees, hears and feels that too.

It is hard to be someone else and nothing anyone will recommend, right?
Do you at work act as an actor or do you not, in the role you have?
Do you believe and see proofs within yourself that you are more altruistic in your behaviors than egoistic?

If you are more altruistic, others like to be around you and together with you. Why? Because they see, hear and feel that you care about them. They feel seen and confirmed.
Are you transparent and share information, ideas and knowledge that others can contribute from? Do you GIVE just to GIVE without expecting to get?
If you do, others will give to you and you will be pleased and surprised too.

Do you think that you and some others knows what is best? Do you also know that you are one of 6 billion others? What happens if they have the same opinion as you do? Maybe you instead believe that the truth is relative and the best truth is to share, discuss and have a dialogue?

So, If you ask yourself.
What behaviors do you have and are they coherent with what you are thinking and feeling. What answers do you get and proofs to yourself?



What is your story in your life?

What is your story in your life?


Your story is the right story for you, right now
Maybe you agree with me when I say that your story in your life is the right story for you, right now. But maybe you sometimes feel like you need a better story?
But maybe you do not know how you can change it. It feels more or less impossible to change it?

Well, It all depends what you believe in.

I had a story and then another one
When I look upon my life I know realize that I have had different stories. My initial story does not exist anymore. Sometimes they changed a little bit and sometimes the story that I started with was totally different than the one to come. When they changed they all changed due to what I believed in. In fact I live another lifestory now than the one I believed was my story to come.

My stories have changed for different reasons. But before they changed I was often totally convinced that they couldn´t change. Do you also have had that experience?

My stories and their scripts
My different stories have had different scripts. What they all have in common is that they are based on what I believed in, in exact that situation at specific time.
Sometimes I was so eager to try that I troed because I really wanted to try, although I was not convinced that I could manage the challenge I tried to reach. But I did, and my belief was changed. I was proven wrong and succeeded.

The believes of what I am capable of have changed over the years. My bottom ground values are the same but I haven´t before understood how much they meant to me. By trying, trying, trying and trying I have conquered my doubts, fears and also reached my goals and dreams.
I know believe in this story
Too many times I have proven wrong, that I can do much more than I believed in before I tried it. It has happened so many times that I now know that what I am capable of is all in my mind. I also know that it is the same for anyone else.
What is your story you want to tell yourself? Your own story, your organisation, your company, etc etc.

Our misson is that we want to help you
All of us have had this experience to develop and brake our preconditioned truths about what we were capable of. You know that you have had those experiences too.

If you feel that you want
So if you feel that you are longing for another story in your life! We are here to help you find your story of your life. Our experiences may give you new perspectives, new believes to change your story in your life, your organisation, your company etc etc.
Our mission is to help you to live the story that you dream of. The good thing is that obstacles can be altered, believes can be changed, if you want to. Do you? Please let´s get in touch.


Ubiquitous and Disruptive Changes requires Upgrade of our Heads

Ubiquitous and Disruptive Changes requires Upgrade of our Heads

The truth that is an axiom – the disruptive changes is here

We all talk about it. The disruptive and accelerating changes in the world. We don´t know of tomorrow BUT is there away to see and measure if we are prepared for what ever change to come?

The only two things we do know is of today and that we don´t know of tomorrow.
So what if we could make a check of if we are prepared enough for tomorrow?
What if NOKIA could have checked there preparness, before the iPhone arrived?
What if the oli industry could have forseen the speed of electrical cars?
What if countris and companies could be Upgraded today for tomorrow?
Yes, we believe there is a method. We have set up a model and method to figure it out.

Measure your prepareness
You can measure your own and your ogranizations preparness. It is your own reflection upon some statements. You can use it yourself and within your organozation. A method that you check if you feel upgraded in your head or not for tomorrow. The model and method is simple with some statements that you set the grade of your own opinion about you or your organization. It gives you a clue whether or not you are prepared and upgraded.

The spectrum gives you clues
The result is presented in colours as a colourful rainbow where the degree of upgraded for tomorrow is shown in colourfullness and level of different colours.
The spectrum gives you a clue what to work with to upgrade yourself.
The model show results concerning i.e. : power, fear, structure, empowerment, trust , culture and passion.

Different levels
The method can be used for both invidiuals as for companies or countries. The result is presented in the same way.

Be Upgraded, be prepared for tomorrow!

You earn it! You cannot pay for it!

You earn it! You cannot pay for it!

The drive and flow in the organisation
You will recognize it when you have it but it is hard to get.
It depends on if people want to do it! Maybe you have it right now or have been in situations where nothing could stop you.
It is those moments when everyone in the organisation have the same spirit of heart and are agreed upon a common mission, to do it and go forward together.
It is like a fusion of enthusiasm from everyone that takes you forward.
It builds, inspires and creates towards the visions and goals.

But what is it really?
It is there when people feel it in their hearts and say comments like;
”I did´t sign up for the money. It was the vision, the persons in the company and the culture that made me sign up.”
”I wish I could have stayed to help out even tomorrow but my journey lies elsewhere. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me some of the best memories of my life! ”

You cannot pay to get it!
We often pay to employ or hire people to be a part of our team and organisations. We talk about salaries, bonuses and other ways to make them come to us. What we really want is not a job just to be done. What we really want is also that they contribute with enthusiasm, creativity, loyalty from the bottom of their hearts. And we also know, that ”the spirit” cannot be paid for.

You have to earn it!

It is the other way around. It is not something you can pay someone to deliver. 
It is we who have to earn the trust, build the culture and environment that attracts the people we really would like to work with.
When you have it the energy flows, ju give just for the joy of giving and because we want to do it together.

When we all share the same values it creates our culture. When we all see the same star we are aiming for, the vision gets crystal clear. The giving for the joy of giving makes us stronger together and develops us. Thats´ why! And you cannot pay to get it. It has to be earned!

The Alchemist is the leader in your life!

The Alchemist is the leader in your life!

69 and 156, that´s a lot!
Nearly thirty years ago there was a book written called the Alchemist. It didn´t sell to much in the beginning. But then something happened. Now it has been translated in 69 languages and has been sold for over 156 million copies!
The story is about a shepard called Santiago, who dreams about a treasure at the foot of the Pyramides in Egypt. He gets the advice to follow his dream, to go looking for the treasure. His journey is followed with obstacles and adversities.
During his journey he meets the Alchemist. The Alchemist knows about the treasure and how to find it. He has found ”the stone of wisdom”. The Alchemist can also turn lead into gold. He makes Santiago his Disciple. The Alchemist teaches him and tells him about ”the World Soul”. ”The World Soul” is passion and love.

Searching for your treasure?
Are you ”Santiago” in your life? Searching and looking for your treasure? The treasure that will reveale the answers to your life? Do you feel that the time passes away and the treasure will be found just around the corner?
At the same time you know the answer to where your treasure is! Don´t you?! You also know that you have the ”the stone of wisdom” in your hand! Don´t you?! And most of all, you also know that you behold ”the World Soul”. Don´t you? If you want to.

The Alchemist in your life

Who is the Alchemist in your life? Can there be anyone else but you, yourself? No!
Yes, you are the Alchemist in your life!
Yes, you behold the ”world soul” within you. Your passion and love, that´s the core of what is needed. No more, no less.
Yes, it is right now you start to lead yourself in the way you want your life to be.


Business and organisations evolve due to the way you lead yourself together with others. The core of leadership is your passion and love added with your colleagues/co-leaders passion and love.
No one else knows what is best for you in your life. When you and your colleagues/co-leaders decides that your goal and passion in life is the same, your business will evolve. When you encourage each other, believe in each other and remove your obstacles, the values will increase immensely.

Alchemists joined and unified
When all of you join as the Alchemists you are, the organisation will prosper in a positive way.
The way forward is not said to be easy. Santiago didn´t have a nice trip. But you know what you want in your lives and together. You will all feel that your journey is worth while.
The way to do it is to be one another people to make the other one grow.
Combine these two views and truths and your life will be fantastic!
#I-am-the-Alchemist-in-my-life and #PeopleMakePeopleGrow.

Right or Left? Choose or not Choose?

Right or Left? Choose or not Choose?

All these choices!
 All this information that is like a flood of information, streaming 24 hours a day. Sometimes we feel that there are too many choices. So many that we cannot choose. But is that really the truth? What if there is just one choice every second, an active choice that starts a process of real life. Hesitating choices, is not real.

Clear vision/dream

What if we focus of to much of the information? That is maybe the truth when our dreams and vision of what we want is not clear? When the dream and vision is clear the right informations pops up in our focus. All other data diminishes because it is irrelevant of what you want and feel. So are all information they really a choice in your world?It is easy to get stressed with a lot of information streaming, beaming all day long. If we are afraid to miss something, we will feel stressed. But if you know deep inside what you want, the choices you have too choose among will be more clear.


Another way to look at it is that we could say YES or NO to opportunities. Opportunities we feel seem right for us but still we wait and hesitate. Often with the answer. Maybe it is the wrong choice. In fact we cannot answer if it is the wrong or right choice until we have chosen. Until then it is just fantasy in our brains of a reality that may be true.

Grasp it, Take it, do it

Before christmas I was guiding our partner and friends from SouthKorea. We had a guided tour in Uppsala. A town with the mixture of Science, Innovation and the Center of Church. My youngest son Filip called me. He had finished school for the day. He knew that I was with my Korean friends. ”Join us”, I sad. He said, ”Absolutely, I am coming”.
He choose an opportunity that he did n´t know it it was good or bad. But he took and active choice, not hesitating. He could also had taken an active choice to go home.
At dinner he was more than happy that he choose to be with us. He, 17 years old, got some new friends. They liked each other and wanted to see each other again. ”Filip, you have to come to SouthKorea”, they said. ”Of course”, Filip answered.
Filip said it was a moment in his life, a step towards his dreams. Just because he choose to come, not wondering if it was going to be good or bad.

Leadership=not hesitating
How many times have we hesitated in our life about small choices? More thinking of, if it is good or bad. In fact nothing has happened. We have done nothing real, just wondering in our fantasy about a possible reaction of a possible choice that we did n´t make. When we act, do and live, things happen. Results that we then can consider to take a new step of act, do and live.

Live your life today=Do, act and live!
Because life is to take active choices based on what we want in our life, our dreams and vision. Life is about relations between people that gives the energy of ”PeopleMakePeopleGrow”. Leadership is about this. Your own with yourself and together with others.

Let go trying to control the future – embrace today!

Let go trying to control the future – embrace today!

We all need to have the feeling of security and belonging. It is printed in our DNA!

In one way, most of us, want to know in advance how tomorrow will look like. We want to feel safe about even tomorrow. Sometimes we worry about it, a lot. At the same time we logically know that we can´t. We all know is is not possible to control tomorrow. But still!

It is a paradox we are struggling with. We also seems to forget when life is lived. Logically we understand that I do not know what happens the next minute and sometimes we say: I will surely live my life to the full, when I am retired from work.

What would happen to your life if you embraced to let go of that feeling of control and enjoy the smile you meet, the hug you got or the hug you gave someone else? The YES you said to meet someone you haven´t met before. The meeting that totally changed your life to much more happiness? We all have those meetings, hugs and feelings. The ones you said YES to instead of saying ”NOT today, tomorrow”

What if,

  • You said more YES to a meeting then thinking I take the meeting ”tomorrow”?
  • You feel thankful and joyed of today, rather then saving the joy for tomorrow?
  • You are totally aware of the second you live right now, instead of worrying of tomorrow?
  • You embrace and feel okey about being imperfect, instead of worrying of not being perfect?
  • You are passionate 100% to what you do today, instead of waiting for the perfect situation tomorrow?

    Wouldn´t that make a perfect enjoyable life for you when you live? You live right now! Take care of it! Have a enjoyable, thankful and passionate life when you can, right now, not tomorrow!

    Make People Grow in your life. You will grow too in thankfulness. Embrace it today and have a Happy Life right now, a Happy New Day of today!