The truth that is an axiom – the disruptive changes is here

We all talk about it. The disruptive and accelerating changes in the world. We don´t know of tomorrow BUT is there away to see and measure if we are prepared for what ever change to come?

The only two things we do know is of today and that we don´t know of tomorrow.
So what if we could make a check of if we are prepared enough for tomorrow?
What if NOKIA could have checked there preparness, before the iPhone arrived?
What if the oli industry could have forseen the speed of electrical cars?
What if countris and companies could be Upgraded today for tomorrow?
Yes, we believe there is a method. We have set up a model and method to figure it out.

Measure your prepareness
You can measure your own and your ogranizations preparness. It is your own reflection upon some statements. You can use it yourself and within your organozation. A method that you check if you feel upgraded in your head or not for tomorrow. The model and method is simple with some statements that you set the grade of your own opinion about you or your organization. It gives you a clue whether or not you are prepared and upgraded.

The spectrum gives you clues
The result is presented in colours as a colourful rainbow where the degree of upgraded for tomorrow is shown in colourfullness and level of different colours.
The spectrum gives you a clue what to work with to upgrade yourself.
The model show results concerning i.e. : power, fear, structure, empowerment, trust , culture and passion.

Different levels
The method can be used for both invidiuals as for companies or countries. The result is presented in the same way.

Be Upgraded, be prepared for tomorrow!



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