Let go trying to control the future – embrace today!

Let go trying to control the future – embrace today!

We all need to have the feeling of security and belonging. It is printed in our DNA!

In one way, most of us, want to know in advance how tomorrow will look like. We want to feel safe about even tomorrow. Sometimes we worry about it, a lot. At the same time we logically know that we can´t. We all know is is not possible to control tomorrow. But still!

It is a paradox we are struggling with. We also seems to forget when life is lived. Logically we understand that I do not know what happens the next minute and sometimes we say: I will surely live my life to the full, when I am retired from work.

What would happen to your life if you embraced to let go of that feeling of control and enjoy the smile you meet, the hug you got or the hug you gave someone else? The YES you said to meet someone you haven´t met before. The meeting that totally changed your life to much more happiness? We all have those meetings, hugs and feelings. The ones you said YES to instead of saying ”NOT today, tomorrow”

What if,

  • You said more YES to a meeting then thinking I take the meeting ”tomorrow”?
  • You feel thankful and joyed of today, rather then saving the joy for tomorrow?
  • You are totally aware of the second you live right now, instead of worrying of tomorrow?
  • You embrace and feel okey about being imperfect, instead of worrying of not being perfect?
  • You are passionate 100% to what you do today, instead of waiting for the perfect situation tomorrow?

    Wouldn´t that make a perfect enjoyable life for you when you live? You live right now! Take care of it! Have a enjoyable, thankful and passionate life when you can, right now, not tomorrow!

    Make People Grow in your life. You will grow too in thankfulness. Embrace it today and have a Happy Life right now, a Happy New Day of today!