Leadership is to be true to yourself!

Leadership is to be true to yourself!

We all try to lead ourselves in a good way. But we are all afraid not to be good enough. Unfortunately our focus is often to be okey inte the eyes of others. Kind of strange though we know that you and I are not perfect. We all know that no one is perfect.

Sometimes, or maybe very often, we try to play a role that is not ourself. We play the role so that other people don ́t see that we are not perfect. Maybe we do that due to that we don ́t want to admit that to ourselves that we are not perfect.? But when we accept good and bad sides, magic happens.

Leadership starts with yourself! When I start to accept that I am not perfect and I say that ”I am okey . That I am always okey with myself.”. That reveales all obstacles.

It reveals the obstacles for us to get what we all want: good connections, togetherness, truthfullness, be trusted etc etc. It also creates engagement and empowers me, you and our relations.

Do you know anyone who doesnt ́ want engagement, empowerment, good relations with i.e. colleaugues? The engagement and empowerment that make you climb hills and reach goals? I think not! So what stops us? It seems that shame and fear are very strong obstacles, not to lead ourselves the way we want.

It is the fear of disconnection, that I am not worhty of connection. We fear not to be okey in the eyes of others. We feel so strongly some kind of shame that we won’t be okey.
We even don ́t like to talk about it.

But shame is just our own truth that ”I am not good enough” But when I let it go, and feel totally okey with myself, always, no matter what. Others will see me as more human.

To lead is to make us all lead ourselves So leadership is to create that feeling in all of us, that we are always okey. It means that we all see upon each others as okey as we are. It creates connection, engagement and empowerment.

That is why we call it co-leadership and not co-workers. Co-workers is the truth that someone has to lead others. It is the same truth as you are not good enough to lead yourself.

”To be the perfect” but no one is! We are all afraid that there are something about me that makes me not be liked of the others, so we try hard to hide it.

We have all the have the same experiences and want belonging, affinity and sympathy. We can all have it. It contain three ”C:s”; Coruage, Compassion and Connection


Courage means to show that you are living with your whole heart. Courage comes from the latin word ”cor” that means heart.. So it means ”the ones that have the courage to tell the wholehearted story of themselves. In others words it is okey NOT to be perfect and nd we like those who are truthful ,don ́t we?

They have the compassion to be nice to themselves and therfore to others. If you are not okey with yourself you most likely will see ad focus on others faults.

100% truthfull Connection starts also with being okey with yourself as you are. It all summons up to dare to be vulnerable!

In fact it means that you embraze and are totally okey with being vulnerable. Because then you will create more courage, compassion and connections to others.

  • You show and give love, first
  • You give, with not garanties
  • You invest in a relationship wholehearted, that may or may not work out.
  1. accept yourself as you are
  2. accept others for who they are, as always okey
  3. the shame and fear of not belongning disappears for everyone
  4. courage, connection and compassion evolves
  5. we work on our mission wholehearted as co-leaders
  6. Everything is possible for you and you together and nothing will stop you!

I you want prospurose relations, business, love or what ever.

Be WHOLEHEARTED to yourself, because #PeopleMakePeopleGrow